Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Thank you for the Gift of Clean Water

Sharing hopeful gifts in Eastleigh, Nairobi!

This Advent, a hundred families living in the vulnerable communities of Nairobi are receiving much-needed water filtration systems purchased thanks to contributions from churches and individuals from across Canada.

We want to thank everyone who has participated in the 2017 Hopeful Gifts for Change Christmas catalog program. Your generosity is transforming the lives of families around the world, who are encountering the love and hope of Christ through the words and deeds of ministries like the Urban Self Help Group project in Nairobi.

Through the CBM Christmas gift catalog, you are able to purchase tangible gifts from sending a child to school to providing a calf or pig to a struggling family in a rural village. Over the years, we have witnessed first hand the profound impact that these gifts make in bringing hope and joy into the lives of people across Africa.

Erica and the SHG team preparing for their first of four
water filter distributions and training for this year.
Aisha welcoming the beneficiaries of today's training

These gifts are given in the context of long-term ministries that build relationships of love and support. Gifts are selected through discussion and participation of beneficiaries, who are empowered to identify local problems and solutions facing their families and community. 

Many of the gifts, like water filters and farm animals, are accompanied by training and ongoing support from our church partners and teams. 

Aaron being beautified by the ladies!
Laura with SHG members
Our friend and colleague Andre Sibomana getting to know one
of the children of the SHG members
Erica, Aisha, and Laura with several of the beneficiaries of the water filter systems in Eastleigh
Aisha assembling one of the new water filters

You can be a part of bringing a gift of hope this Christmas through the Hopeful Gifts for Change.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Nooses Off!

Rosslyn Academy Theatre Department presents...

Members of the cast celebrating after the last performance

Over past three days, Emma has been on stage for Rosslyn Academy High School's fall play. This year the theatre department launched the side-splitting whodunnit farce "Nooses Off", written by Don Zolidis. 

"Nooses Off" is a high school version of Michael Frayn's famous bawdy 1982 comedy "Noises Off", which rifted on the idea of a play-within-a-play in a fast-paced physical comedy that brought the audience from a rehearsal to the opening-night backstage antics of a doomed play.

Similarly, in "Nooses Off" Emma and her friends play a wacky cast of struggling actors and crew with mixed relationships and misunderstandings. It is a hilarious comedy. How often do you see someone attempt a murder with a swordfish? Emma plays a frustrated female actor forced to portray a male police officer while navigating the fictional cast's multiple love interests.

Here are a few pictures of the wonderful three shows. If only there was audio, you could also enjoy the laughter as well!!
Emma with her friend and student director, Rainey
Emma getting her mustache on before the last show

The cast take a bow to a standing ovation

A BIG THANK YOU to director Steven Slaughter for investing so much into the students of the Rosslyn Theatre department. This has been such a fun fall production. The bonds of friendship and camaraderie formed among the cast and crew are irreplaceable. 

As we look back on these past thirteen years of theatre that Emma and our whole family have been a part of from kindergarten to twelfth grade, we are so grateful for this community and its commitment to the arts.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

CBM Update Video November 2018

In this month's update video, Aaron shares about the value of the Africa Leadership Exchange program that CBM is facilitating with our African partner churches. The most recent gathering of the ALE was held this past week in Kibuye Rwanda.