Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Choral Concert

Praise His Holy Name
preformed by the Imago Dei Choir, the High School Concert Choir and the Rosslyn Singers

Last evening, Rosslyn Academy’s Music Department presented their "Fall Choral Concert” under the direction of Mark and Audrey Statler. 

It was without a doubt one of the most fun concerts that we’ve enjoyed at Rosslyn. During the concert, each of the five Middle School and High School choirs shared popular and sacred music from the James Bond theme and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin' to Wade in the Water and River in Judea. The evening ended with everyone dancing in the aisles during an encore performance of Praise His Holy Name.

Chords of Love
Tristan preforming with the Rosslyn Singers

Owl City’s Shooting Star
Emma performing with the Imago Dei Choir

We were blessed to have our friends Tim and Diane Bannister join us for the concert. The Bannister’s, who have been staying with us this past week, are returning to Canada next week. It was fun to have them with us on a week when the Rosslyn Academy High School was in competition with their old school Rift Valley Academy (RVA). On Thursday, the Rosslyn High School students did a “black out” day to support the varsity basketball teams in their rival game with RVA.

The Men of Rosslyn Singers

Preforming Arts is one of the great joys of student life for our children. We are looking forward to a great fall. In November Tristan will be performing in the High School play, Our Town, and Ava will be singing in the Elementary Music program. In December, both Tristan and Emma will be singing in the Middle School and High School Christmas concerts.

Diana and Emma

Ezra, Michael and TK

Tristan and Daddy

Emma and Mommy after the show

Ava’s First Swim Meet

Ava’s First Swim Meet

On Friday afternoon, Ava raced in her first swimming competition on the Rosslyn Academy Elementary School Swim team.  She did fantastic and her girls 250 meter relay team came in first place. Ava swam butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke.

We are very thankful to coach Mindy Seeman for the encouragement and support that she has shared with Ava and the elementary school swim team. It has already been a great year for Ava as she learns new strokes and gains more confidence in the water.

Way to Go Rosslyn!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Improved Sanitation and Hygeine

One of 18 new hand washing stations in CBM’s three target communities
of North Eastern Province, Kenya

Only a year ago, we had written about the fact that there was not a single safe latrine in the three communities where CBM is serving along the Tana River of North Eastern Province, Kenya. Our primary intervention was to help these communities recover from drought and displacement through food for work projects and conservation agriculture (These initiatives are still ongoing). We soon discovered several public health issues facing the people. One primary need was for improved sanitation and hygiene. They along with 69% of people in Subsaharan Africa did not have a single safe latrines or toilet.

Well, that was true a year ago, but not today!

Our colleagues William Wako, Geoffrey Mwita and Jackson Andai have been working with these communities over the past six months to establish eighteen community toilets and hand washing stations, all hand dug and built by the community members themselves.

"There are more than 300 houses in Bakuyu,” confesses Geoffrey, “but these first six toilets are making a big difference. The community has divided up into committees each responsible for maintaining their toilet and protecting it from vandalism. Already the committees are planning to build more. They just needed help to get started. Most of the materials were already there, they just didn’t see how to use them."

Community volunteers working together
to build a kitchen for the Buula Pamoja
Community School

Please continue to pray for the work in North Eastern Province and for the health and wellbeing of the people of these communities.

You can learn more about the work of CBM in Africa and around the world on our website at

Oh, and by the way.... even the soap at each station is handmade 
by a community group - Pretty cool!