Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rosslyn High School Christmas Banquet 2016

Rosslyn Christmas Banquet
Nairobi, Kenya

Last night, Tristan and Emma celebrated with their friends during the annual festive banquet and dance for Rosslyn's High School. They partied at Mediterraneo Ristorante, a local Italian restaurant. 

Here are few pictures of the kids getting ready to go.

Emma and Erin braving the rain

Emma and her date, Carson Slaughter

Tristan and his date, Sally Lee

Tristan, Enoch, Ezra, and Michael

Karisa, Erin, Raelyn, and Emma

Emma and Isaiah

Rae, Erin, Emma, Karisa, and Caroline

On their way to the ball!

Reid, Tristan, Sally, Enoch, Katie, Ezra, Caeli, Michael, and Sarah

For the seniors, this marks the midway point in their final
year at Rosslyn. Looking back on these years, we are so
thankful for the great friends and memories have blessed our family. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Transforming Mission: Fostering the Discipline of Reflection

Lenny Mbogo, Kavira Nganza, Polisi Kivava
Certificate of Integral Mission, Central African Cohort

It has been a joy to facilitate Canadian Baptist Ministries' certificate program with our friends and colleagues across Central and East Africa. This past week has been the final module of the program for our partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. We have been reflecting together on how good leadership and project management can lead to both social and spiritual transformation as we help churches participate in integral mission. 

Growing  together

The question of how local churches might participate in the spiritual formation of their congregations and communities has been a central part of our discussions as we study and apply the training to the ministries where we serve. In this module, we have been considering approaches to leadership, evangelism, and discipleship might best be used in our particular contexts. We recognize that there are no "one size fits all" approaches, but that God works and moves in specific ways in the places and times where we have been led.

The rhythm of drawing together every six months to share and learn together has been such a rich experience for all of us. Sharing our stories, successes, and struggles has made this a deeply meaningful time of growth in each of our lives. These have been times for each of us to consider how we might improve our the approach of our projects and our own personal practice of ministry.

Janice and Jonathan Mills leading a song of worship 
with our Thursday morning speaker, Espérance Niyigena

Module Four Facilitator Darrell Bustin

Listening to students tell of the change that they have experienced has helped confirm the importance of CIM. We have witnessed new confidence among the leaders who are stepping into complex situations of poverty, conflict, and trauma with faith and wisdom.  

Pauline Kariuki teaching best practices in project monitoring and evaluation

Thank you for keeping Canadian Baptist Ministries and our African partners in your prayers. These young leaders are such a courageous and faithful group serving churches and vulnerable communities. As this final module wraps up today, our prayer is that the bonds of friendship and camaraderie will continue to grow and that together we will build on the successes that are happening as God's mission brings hope and healing into the brokenness of this world

CIM Central African Cohort 2016
Kigali, Rwanda

A big thank you to the Mills for sharing these great photographs!

Monday, November 28, 2016

This Week's Matching Gift: Help a Refugee Child Return to School

CBM Matching Gift of the Week: Help a Refugee Child Return to School 
Your gift will make a difference in a child's life, like Fatma's! 
Her family used to live in Somalia, but because of civil war, they escaped to Kenya. At first her mother had no one to help her, until she found out about a Self-Help Group for women, supported by Canadian Baptist Ministries
The group helps mothers like Fatma's who are refugees in Kenya, and also paid for Fatma's school fees which her mom could not afford before. Now she can go to school, and is thrilled!

Give a gift today & have it MATCHED!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rosslyn's Got Talent 2016

 Tonight was the annual Rosslyn's Got Talent Variety Show
hosted by the comedy duo of Ezra and Tristan

Ava taking a bow

Ava was one of three elementary school performers selected to compete in tonight's show. 
She danced and did gymnastics to the song "Never Forget You". 
The audience cheered her on as she grooved and tumbled to the music.

 Tristan and Michael showing off their chair dancing skills
to the crowd pleaser -- Eye of the Tiger.

Over the years, we have come to appreciate how Rosslyn encourages and celebrates the arts. From choirs and orchestral music to sculpture and visual arts this has been an amazing community for our kids to grow up. 

Each year, the students organize a talent show that showcases the diverse gifts and skills of the student body. It is a delightful evening, and this year we all left with cheeks sore from laughter.

A little magic for the judges...

 ... and some great dancing with the Daggett girls.

Among the many acts, Tristan and Sarah performed a "passionate" version of the love song from Phantom of the Opera. The voices were flawless, and the acting was hilarious.

A wonderful intermission with Mark and Audrey Statler
... Pop music classical style

Throughout the show, Tristan and Ezra hammed it up with acts 
from musical bards to... 

... a magician and his lovely assistant.

But as in years past, 2016 showcased some amazing talent 
from vocalist and musicians...

... to gripping spoken word.

 Brayden Kean going before the judges

As in year's past, three brave teachers served as the talent show judges. 
They all did an amazing mixing encouragement with humour.

Tristan and Ezra rocking out in ode to their dead pets...

... a great warm up to the winning group of the night!

Tristan and Ezra presenting the awards

A very proud mommy with her little star

Ava and her friends each won honourable mentions for their performances

TK and Ava after the show

Emma with her big brother

Ezra and Tristan, masters of ceremony

... with their photo bombing fans (Katie and Reid)