Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MOSAIC: 2017 Spring edition

The Spring 2017 edition of Canadian Baptist Ministries MOSAIC magazine looks at the cross-cutting importance of creation care in the work of Canadian Baptists both locally and globally. It is a very thought provoking issue. Along with the physical copies that CBM distributes, you can read the magazines online version by clicking the link below.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Remembering Rev. Dr. Pedro Manuel

Rev. Dr. Pedro Manuel, Injera Evangélica de Angola

Pedro Manuel, first joined the ministry of the IEA as an evangelist in 1976. Having fled the Angolan civil war with his family, in the 1950s, Manuel had lived and studied in Zaire, present day DR Congo. Throughout those years of uncertainty, his faith grew and his love for the Lord compelled him to give his life to Christian ministry.

He was ordained as a pastor in 1985 and held several pastoral positions throughout the Evangelical Church of Angola (IEA).

During his ministry, Rev. Dr. Manuel was Regional Pastor of Luanda, Soyo, Nzeto and Secretary General of the IEA for two consecutive terms from 1985 to 1995. Within the Evangelical Church of Angola, he served as the President of the General Assembly and executive committee. 

He was awarded an honorary doctorate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and later served as a professor at the IEA Biblical Institute in Cabinda where he invested in younger leaders within Angola.

Rev. Dr. Manuel believed that the Mission of God called all Christians to serve together in unity. To this end, he served in various ecumenical capacities including as the secretary general of the Council of Christian Churches in Angola.

In his book, The Walk of the IEA 113 Years 1898-2011, he recounts the journey of the Injera Evangélica de Angola, a story that includes the work and influence of Canadian Baptist Ministries' first missionaries sent to Africa in 1958.

Rev. Dr. Pedro Manuel died at dawn on May 8, 2017, in Luanda, Angola. He was 74 years old. In honour of his wishes, he was buried this past weekend at the cemetery of the Evangelical Mission of Quimpondo, where former missionaries have been laid to rest. 

Our prayers are with the Church, his wife Maria José Manuel, and their six children.

The ROSCARS 2017

This year's ROSCAR hosts: The Oompa Loompas
This year's ROSCAR theme was 
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

It was a wonderful evening of celebrating the arts at Rosslyn Academy. We are so blessed by the incredible faculty that encourage our children and their friends to explore and develop excellence in studio art, dance, band, vocals, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, wood working, culinary arts, and drama.

The night was a delightful time of showcasing the work and talents of the Rosslyn High School's student body.

Here are some snapshots from the night.

Ava, Brayden, and Indira ready for the show
Flashback to Annie
Emma performing in the NYC Reprise
Flashback to Twelve Angry Men
Scene change,... an interesting coincidence
Scene change,... remember that dead pet song
Tristan and Sarah reprise their Phantom of the Opera Moment
All I Want is You
Ezra's Show Stopping Flashback Dance
Such a Wonderful Night!
Also, earlier this week we celebrated the last Rosslyn Choral Concert of the year
The 2017 Rosslyn Singers
under the direction of Mark Statler