Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Photo: CBM'S Rwanda team this week in Kigali.

Meeting with the CBM Rwanda team in Kigali

This past week Erica and I worked in Rwanda with friends and colleagues serving with the Association of Rwandan Baptist Churches (AEBR). Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin are both doing well as their focus on language study transitions into wider engagement with the church. Andre Sibomana is doing an amazing job as the director of development. 

Please continue to uphold the Rwanda team as they respond to the crisis of drought in the Eastern part of the country and work to build sustainable food security in three key communities. Pray for the church as they work through areas of reform in governance, procedures and policies. We continue to pray for peace in the neighbouring country of the Democratic Republic of Congo and our brethren within the Central Africa Baptist Churches (CBCA).