Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Praying with the Church in Africa

Praying with the African Christian Church and Schools 
congregation in Mai Mahui, Kenya.

As we come to the end of August, we remember the hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children that our Kenyan partners are assisting with school fees and basic supplies as they prepare to start a new semester. Strengthening ministry with youth and children is a major prayer concern for our Kenyan partners as they realize that the majority of the Kenyan population is under the age of 19.

We are also grateful for a fantastic Kamp Tumaini with the Guardians of Hope groups of the ACC&S and with CBM's Urban Muslim Ministry program in Nairobi. We remember in prayer the team of eight Canadian volunteers as they begin their long journey home this evening.

The CBM SENT team on their way to the airport this afternoon

South Sudan
It is with great sadness that we lament with South Sudanese churches the failure of the leadership of the two warring groups to come to an agreement on ratifying the peace accord that was initiated last month in Ethiopia. We pray for peace and an end to the senseless violence that is destroying this country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo
We continue to pray for the emergency response to the Ebola outbreak in North Kivu, DRC. As of August 25th, a total of 111 cases have been reported including 72 deaths. We pray for the families of the victims and for an end to the spread of the virus. We also pray in solidarity with our partners serving with the Baptist Churches of Central Africa (CBCA).

We are thankful that the CBCA has been recognized as an important local part in the World Health Organization's coordinated response efforts. Through the support of Canadian Baptist Ministries, Tearfund Canada, and the United Evangelical Mission, the CBCA is carrying out vital prevention measures in and around Mangina and Beni. 

CBCA pastors and implementation team members preparing 
80 handwashing stations for distribution at the epicentre 
of the Ebola outbreak in DRC.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Kamp Tumaini 2018 - Part Five

Stronger  Together!
K a m p    T u m a i n i    2 0 1 8

Today we wrapped up the 2018 Kamp Tumaini. The Canadian volunteers joined CBM's Muslim Ministry team in hosting camp three with refugee children living in Nairobi. 

We had an absolutely wonderful time together in Karura Forest on the Northern rim of Nairobi. A big THANK YOU to our colleagues Laura, Patrick, and Aisha for all their work in arranging the transportation to bring children from Eastleigh and Kariobangi to the beautiful sanctuary of the forest.

As this is our last Kamp Tumaini before we complete our ministry with CBM and return to Canada next June, we are so grateful for the opportunity to share the joy of camp with the children of the CBM urban self help group project. Many of these kids have grown up over the past twelve years within the community that Erica has helped to form among displaced families that have gathered together in the Eastlands estates of Nairobi.

Of all of this year's camps, this one has been the most emotional as it marked such a major personal transition for us. We are also grateful for the wonderful team of Canadian youth who have demonstrated the love of Christ to these children and our partners. We will treasure some great memories from our time together with this team.

Autumn preaching at the ACC&S Church in Mai Mahiu

Worship in ACC&S Mai Mahiu

Alicia Preaching in Mai Mahiu

We are glad to be able to share some pictures from this final camp. 

We know that there are several parents from across Canada who are very keen to see how their teenagers are doing here in Kenya. We are very thankful for these families and the congregations that have supported this group of eight volunteers that have joined us from British Colombia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Patrick and Samuel at Kamp Tumaini's third camp
Annika having fun during some circle games with her campers
Autumn hanging out with new friends!
Brianna and the girls
Anni and the little ones
The team acting out the story of the Good Samaritan
Aaron sharing about the significance of God's call
for us to truly love our neighbours
Kamp Tumaini's official Subway Sandwich Artists
Picnicking in Karura Forrest

Alicia and some new friends

Aisha and one of her campers

Kamp Tumaini Karura Forrest!

Go Do Love

We want to thank you all so much for supporting the ministry of Kamp Tumaini and the work of CBM throughout Africa and around the world. As the 2018 Kamp Tumaini draws to a close, we are excited to share that CBM is already recruiting volunteers for Kamp Tumaini 2019 in Bolivia and Kamp Tumaini 2020 in Thailand

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, joining one of these teams, or contributing to this program, please visit the official Kamp Tumaini website at www.kamptumaini.ca

Friday, August 24, 2018

Kamp Tumaini 2018 -- Part Four

Kamp Tumaini 2018

We returned today to the cool tea hills of Kenya's central highlands for the second camp in this year's Kamp Tumaini. It was a fun day of bonding and sharing with children from the Guardians of Hope program in the Aberdare region of Kenya.

We are very grateful for the help of the ACC&S hosting this ministry for families affected by HIV/AIDS in this part of Kenya. We are excited to share some more photos from the camp. Thank you for keeping the camps and our team of Canadian counselors in your prayers.

The Canadian Baptist Ministries SENT team
with our driver, John.
Some happy campers!
Everyone sharing a silly face at the end of day one
Some fun and games in the fields
Autumn and Jason introducing the finer strategies 
of "steal the bacon" to the campers
Steal the Canadian bacon
Victory is sweet!
Alicia and Tammy with their campers during small group time

Taking a break at Del Monte's Pineapple stand near Thika

Oh, the joy of Pineapple Lollys!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kamp Tumaini 2018 - Part Three

Kamp Tumaini 2018: Stronger Together

We have had such a wonderful start to this year's Kamp Tumaini. Today we wrapped up the first of three camps, as we completed a great time of fun and sharing with the orphans and vulnerable children of the Guardians of Hope in Gituru.

It was very special for us to return to Gituru where we held the very first Kamp Tumaini four years ago. Although many of the faces were new, it was also a blessing to connect with some of the first campers who had returned to Kamp Tumaini this year from that inaugural camp. 

Thank you so much for keeping our team and this ministry in your prayers. Over the past few days, we have been encouraged to see this group of volunteers caring fiercely for one another and the children whom they have come to serve.

We hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures from Kamp Tumaini's first camp for 2018.

Annika and Alicia with some of their campers
Making bracelets as a symbol of strength in community
Anni sharing her passion for music
Fun in the sun
Small group time
Brianna, Rachel, and the girls!
Picnicking in Gituru

Jason with some new friends
Samuel teaching his campers how to juggle

Kamp Tumaini Alumni

Tammy and Rachel
Craft Time

There was a great big Moose,... and he drank a lot of juice!

Kamp Tumaini 2018 - Gituru