Monday, October 30, 2017

When October Goes

Worshipping with the York Association
at Brunswick Street Baptist Church.

Travelling from Halls Harbour to Fredericton, gave us time to listen to Stuart McLean's unreleased stories from the Vinyl Cafe. Listening to MacLean's reflections about the sweet melancholy of the season of late Autumn, and the exploits of Dave and Morley, was a beautiful way to experience the drive along the hedges of mostly bare trees. A few days of strong winds have transformed the landscape of these maritime roads from gold to silver, as the last leaves linger. 

As we made our way into Geary, we could smell the wood smoke from chimneys. Unlike Kenya, the days are growing shorter here in Canada. Ava is beginning to notice the dark mornings and early sunsets. She is hoping to catch some snowflakes before returning to Africa later in November. 

Sharing at the Queens Sunbury Association at Geary Baptist Church.

Over the weekend, we met with people representing churches throughout the Queens Sunbury and York Baptist Associations. We are so thankful for the support and interest that we encountered. Every time we speak, we are reminded how the story of God's work in the world is the story of all of us. 

As we leave this area to travel to visit with family on Prince Edward Island, we continue to pray for the life and ministry of these local congregations. Each church is involved with important ministries in their communities and with Canadian Baptists around the world. We pray for continued vitality and joy as they serve their neighbours.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend in the Fredericton area. We will be speaking next on Saturday, November 4th, in Centreville, Nova Scotia.

Suzanne and Rev. Robert Weaver at Geary Baptist Church.

Bob and Judy Bettle our host family in Douglas, New Brunswick.

Rev. Peter Moore of Douglas Baptist leading the gathering in prayer.

Rev. Greg Geldart with Ava discussing the finer details of cartwheels.

Wonderful to connect with Dan and Melody Grove, soon to return to Cameroon.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The UpsideDown

Lost in the giant Canada 150 Corn Maze, New Minas, Nova Scotia.

Having lived without Autumn for the past eleven years, it has been so much fun to experience some Canadian Fall Traditions with Ava. On Wednesday afternoon, we picked apples and got lost in a local corn maze with Tristan. We are so thankful for the warm and colourful month of October that we have enjoyed here in the Maritimes.

The pumpkin people of Kentville certainly add to Ava's anticipation for her first Canadian Halloween.   We are excited to be travelling to Prince Edward Island where she will be trick-or-treating with her many Island cousins. 

Ava following the clues. 
We are pretty sure Dad had the map upside down!
A beautiful Autumn in Nova Scotia.
Grooving our way to the apple orchard, with Ava.
Visiting with Tristan at Acadia

CBM Board Meetings in Mississauga, Ontario
On Thursday, Aaron travelled back to Ontario to participate in the CBM board meetings. It was a good opportunity to share with the leadership of CBM some of the inspiring work that our partner churches are doing often in difficult and uncertain times. We continue to pray for peace in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. 

Yesterday's re-election in Kenya was an extremely intense day for us being so far away from Emma. Protests and unrest caused the closure of several polling stations, that will be holding a third voting day this coming Saturday. We are praying for peace and calm to prevail, and for God to bring together the broken factions of the country. 

We will be travelling together to New Brunswick on Saturday and speaking at the Geary Baptist that evening. Please see our November schedule below, and feel welcome to join us at a church in your area.

Up Coming Events

October 28 Geary Baptist Church, New Brunswick, 7:00 pm
October 29 Douglas Baptist, New Brunswick, 10:30 am
October 29, York Association Meeting, Brunswick Street Baptist Church, Fredericton, 6:00 pm
November 4 Eastern Valley Association, Centreville Baptist Church, Nova Scotia, 9:00 am
November 5 Bridgewater BaptistChurch, Nova Scotia, 10:45 am
November 5 Lunenburg-Queens Association, Western Shore Baptist Church, Nova Scotia, 3:00 pm
November 8 Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 11:45 am.
November 11 Middlesex/Lambton/Huron Association MISSIONFEST, Forest Baptist, Ontario, 5:00 pm.
November 12 Forest Baptist Church, Ontario 10:30 am
November 12 West End Baptist Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 10:30 am
November 19 Middleton Baptist 10:45 am
November 25 Bethel United Baptist Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 6:00 pm
November 26 Stevens Road Baptist Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 10:00 am

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bright Days in Nova Scotia

Erica, Tristan, and Ava on the shore of Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia.

After ten weeks of travelling in Canada and living out of suitcases, it was wonderful to arrive today in Halls Harbour (our home away from home for the remainder of our time in Canada). Although we will be back on the road later this week, it is so good to have a place to unpack our suitcases and regroup.

Harbour House
Ava enjoying the beautiful pebbled beach

Over the past weekend, we appreciated rich times with the congregations of the Brookfield and New Glasgow Baptist Churches, as well as their local association gathering. It was so good to see how these churches are working together to support local and international missions through projects like their Canadian Foodgrains Bank corn growing initiative.

Aaron with pastor Eric McKinnon, and Frank and Hazel Locke.
Fellowshipping with the Brookfield Baptist Church
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Rev. John Dunnett introducing our family and the ministry of CBM
A little bit of Kenya in New Glasgow!

Tonight, the Kentville Baptist Church hosted a great evening missions gathering where we focused on the ministry of the Guardians of Hope in Kenya and Rwanda. We are so thankful for the committed prayer and support for these important ministries that we are finding among the churches that we are visiting.

Erica and Tristan in Halls Harbour

Being back in this part of Nova Scotia has also given us a chance to see Tristan, who is doing very well with his first semester at Acadia. It has been a big change from life in Nairobi, but TK is thriving.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Autumn in Canada

Enjoying the beautiful October colours 
on the road to Truro, Nova Scotia.
After our big weekend in Moncton, we travelled to Saint John where we connected with friends and spoke at gatherings hosted by Lancaster and RiverCross Baptist Churches. We are so thankful to pastors Wayne Murphy, Rob Nylen, and John Knight, who are leading their churches to participate in God's mission in their community and around the world.

We are so impressed with how multi-cultural the Canadian Baptist of Atlantic Canada are becoming. In churches that we have been with from Charlottetown to Saint John have met people who have immigrated from across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. In particular, we have been delighted to talk with people who come from some of the communities where we work in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Erica with Pastor Wayne Murphy and Women's 
Groups in Saint John, New Brunswick
Across Atlantic Canada, women's groups continue to be a vital part of local and global missions. We are so grateful for the members of the Hillcrest and Lancaster women's missionary societies that shared a wonderful afternoon with us in Saint John. These groups are helping their churches and communities to live generously in the compassionate way of Jesus.

Visiting with our friends Andrew and Kelly Myers
We are also thankful for the dear friends that have taken time to connect with us on our great Canadian road trip. Some of these friends have become family to us over our years of ministry. It has been such a gift to have an Autumn in Canada.

Great to see Jessie and Aaron at Hillside Baptist
in Moncton, New Brunswick
Wonderful to see friends in Saint John
This weekend, we are in Truro, Nova Scotia, to speak with the Colchester Pictou Association meeting and with congregations in Brookfield, New Glasgow, and Kentville. We are looking forward to seeing Tristan next week.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Moncton, New Brunswick

Great to see Bronwyn and Caleb Bustin, and Jane Weiler 
at Hillside Baptist, Moncton, New Brunswick.

It was a big weekend in Moncton as we shared with our friends at the Gunningsville and Hillside Baptist Churches during five different weekend events. It was also a gift to be near family and friends living in the Moncton area. 

Thanks to the gift of Facetime, we have been keeping in touch with both Tristan and Emma. They are doing well during this season of school mid-terms. 

Erica with the Taylors at Hillside

Pastor Jerry Reddy, lead pastor at Hillside

The over-40s take on the under-40s in a Tug of War

On Friday night, Aaron spoke at the Band of Brothers men's ministry of Hillside Baptist Church. It was a fun evening as 120 men from the church and community shared supper and fellowship together. Aaron challenged the group to be a voice for the voiceless and to stand in solidarity with the marginalized in their community and around the world.

Malcolm Card sharing about the power of having a community of hope, 
during the Friday night Band of Brothers, men's group.

Erica with Patty Card, who organized the Saturday night "Girl's Night Out" where Erica shared about the incredible impact of the self-help group program in Kenya.

So great to see our friend Rachel O'Brien

Our niece Emry packed her bag, grabbed her snake, and was ready to leave 
with us for the next leg of home assignment

We are now in Saint John, New Brunswick, and will be speaking at Lancaster and RiverCross Baptist Churches on Tuesday, October 17, before we travel to Nova Scotia. 

Thank you so much for keeping us and the ministries of CBM in prayer.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Have you visited the 323 Collective, yet?

Receiving a purchase from the 323 Collective looks like this...

... And like this.
Because when you purchase an item from the 323 Collective, 
the proceeds go to support people in need around the world.

The 323 Collective online store features craft makers and entrepreneurs willing to contribute their handiwork in service of those who need a hand-up.

Click Here to visit the 323 Collective

Erica and Ava wearing some of the beautiful treasures from the Collective

The New Hopeful Gifts of Change
Christmas Catalogue is here!

Take a look and find some incredible gifts that you can give this Christmas that will bring transformation in the lives of people who need some hope this year! You can visit the online version at

October 2017

A wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday with our family on
Prince Edward Island

This past weekend, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with our family in Brackley, PEI. It was a beautiful few days of enjoying the gorgeous Fall colours of the season. We also appreciated the warm welcome we received at First Baptist Church, Charlottetown, where we shared during the two Sunday morning services.

We were thrilled to hear that our friends Kim and Bryan Burr prepared a "Canadian Thanksgiving" for our daughter, Emma, who has been studying in Nairobi this Fall. We are so grateful for such amazing friends and for the great semester that Emma has been having at Rosslyn Academy.
After being away in Ontario for almost a month, it was also great to reconnect with Tristan who travelled by bus from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, to join us for the long holiday weekend.
Aaron and TK on PEI
Erica and TK picking out fall gords for his dorm room
Maria, Tristan, and Gabby
Tristan did not come alone. We were thrilled to have two other Rosslyn Academy grads join us for their first Canadian Thanksgiving. Maria and Gabby are both doing very well at Acadia. It was fun to show them around some of our favourite parts of the Island.
Cecile and Ava
Ava had a blast hanging out with all of her cousins. We have lots of October birthdays in our family, and so we had a party for Penelope, Ava, and Montgomery. 
Grammie and Tristan throwing in this winter's firewood
Another Autumn tradition in the Kenny household is "putting in the wood." We were glad to be home to help Grampy and Grammie to pack their winter firewood into the basement.
Twenty-five around our Big Thanksgiving Table
at Grampy and Grammie Kenny's house
Walking this afternoon with Cooper
We are back in New Brunswick this week with family and friends in Riverview, Moncton, and Sussex. We will be speaking at gatherings at Hillside Baptist, Gunningsville Baptist, Lancaster Baptist, and RiverCross Church over the next few days. You can see our October schedule Here.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Forward Thinking

Canadian Baptist Ministries Team Leader's Retreat
Lake Joseph, Ontario

We are back in Mississauga after a wonderful time of retreat with CBM's team leaders in the beautiful  Lake region of the Muskokas. Together with our director, John Chan, we share the leadership of the international work of Canadian Baptists in each of our continental fields. It was an important time of reflecting on the challenges and opportunities facing our international and local partners.

Aaron, John, Ava, Erica, Ruth, Suraj, Grace, 
Kathleen, Sharlene, Bruno, and Terry

Since last Sunday evening, we have been engaged in discussions about the current work of Canadian Baptists and the broader strategy that we are all apart of. Along with reflecting on the work of CBM, we appreciated times of team building and mutual support.

Our week together came to an end today as we participated in a gathering of CBM directors and managers to discuss emerging opportunities and priorities throughout the organization.

It has been an exciting time of forward thinking. Please keep CBM and our board of directors in your prayers as we seek to strengthen the ministries that we share in around the world.

Our friend and colleague, Suraj Komaravalli,
sharing about his work as CBM's team leader for India

The 323 Collective
One emerging focus for CBM has been the importance of marketplace ministry. This area of focus is summarized under the banner of Co//323, CBM's belief that transformation can take place where faith and work intersect. The name comes from Colossians 3:23 which instructs us that "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord."

Marketplace ministry takes all sorts of shapes and forms within our international work from self-help groups beginning enterprises in Kenya to vulnerable families gaining livelihoods in Rwanda and farmers increasing their household income through improved farming practices in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But there are many other important dimensions to the ministry of Co//323 that we will be sharing over the coming year.

October introduced the launch of a new initiative of the Co//323, namely: the 323 Collective. More than just an online store, the 323 Collective is part of a larger Global initiative to help people to support the efforts of groups that are working together to improve the lives of their families and community. You can visit the 323 Collective by Clicking Here.

This is what arrives in your mailbox if you order one of the unique handmade 
Iftin scarves from

Our little model
Ava modeling the Kamp Tumaini headgear. 
You can see more in the 323 Collective Store.

A fun evening in the dark with Heather and Terry Smith

As our time in Ontario draws to an end, we are so thankful for all the great friends and groups that we have had the chance to connect with. Here are a few snapshots from this past week.

Ava surprised to meet with her friend Brayden from Nairobi!
Our Queen of Love and Beauty 
at Medieval Times, Toronto
Great to connect with friends from Nairobi in Scarborough
They are all growing up!! Quinn, Tyler, Aiden, Ava, and Ava
Celebrating Ava's Eleventh Birthday with our friends Don and Joy Hepburn.

Team Leader's Retreat on Lake Joseph
Ruth and John Chan introducing us to Chinese Moon Cake
Taking an afternoon break on the Lake

Ava teaching us all how to make slime
Meet new friends at Portage Promo that supplied
our amazing headwear and t-shirts for Kamp Tumaini
Erica with our friend Anne Drost
today at the CBM offices, Mississauga