Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kennys in Africa September 2015 Update Letter

Meet Mary at Kamp Tumaini

September is one of those pivotal months for the CBM Africa team. Everyone is completing the final touches to their project proposals for the coming year, and gearing up to embark on a full fall of work with our partner churches.

In this year's Fall update letter, we look back and share some of the ministry highlights of this past summer. Erica shares about the impact of Kamp Tumaini through the eyes of Mary, one of the Guardians of Hope youth that took part in this past August's camps. Aaron also shares a brief update on the work of our partner church in South Sudan.

Thank you all so much for uplifting our family and the work of Canadian Baptist Ministries in Africa through your prayers and support.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Looking back on Summer 2015

Worshipping with ACC&S Maai Mahiu, Rift Valley, Kenya

Summer 2015 was a memorable time for our family and for the ministry of Canadian Baptists in Africa. We are so thankful for the prayers and support our friends and church family in Canada that enables us to be a part of the incredible work of CBM.

Looking back over the summer (winter here in Kenya), we were especially thrilled to be a part of the launch of Kamp Tumaini, the summer camp for the children of the Guardians of Hope. It is is our  prayer that the camps will continue into the coming years as a vital part of the partnership between Canadian and African churches in providing support and care for the orphans and vulnerable children of the GOH.

Erica and Jane in Gituru, Central Kenya

Counsellors Kylah and Courtney with their campers

Kamp Tumaini has been a major new initiative for the HIV/AIDS ministry of CBM and our partner churches. Over the past ten years of the Guardians of Hope, we have provided support to churches in their efforts for the prevention of HIV and AIDS, as well as assistance for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We have seen thousands of orphans and vulnerable children embraced by local churches and the guardians who have come forward to take in children that have lost their parents. 

Kamp Tumaini has provided space for the GOH children to experience love and encouragement in a fun and safe environment. The children were able to discover a community of love and support far greater than they could have imagined. Thank you for helping this ministry become a reality!

Winnie and her counsellor Annie

You can read more about Kamp Tumaini Here

Heather and Terry Smith with the Ann Marie and Gato Munyamasoko
at the Baptist World Alliance Congress in Durban, South Africa

Summer 2015 also included the first African gathering of the Baptist World Alliance Congress. Over 3000 Baptist leaders gathered in Durban for a week of sharing and celebration of our common work. It was a great opportunity to participate in the meeting of the All African Baptist Fellowship and to connect with several of our colleagues.

Erica with Gato and Ann Marie
our friends and partners from Rwanda

A lone zebra we met on walk in Naivasha

Erica with the other members of the Kenya CIM Coordination committee

One of the exciting new initiatives of CBM Africa in 2015 has been the certificate of integral mission (CIM) program with partner churches and colleagues in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are grateful for this opportunity to invest in leaders from across our partner churches in enhancing integral mission at a local church level.

The next CIM will take place in Rwanda and Kenya in November.

Ava at the Ambassadors Football Camp this July

As a family, we have also enjoyed a great summer. We are thankful for wonderful times with friends from campfires in our yard to adventures on the coast with the Enns family, and sleepovers with Auntie Mel and Kerry! We also had lots of great family adventures like camping at Lake Naivasha and our time away in Qatar and Dubai experiencing the intense desert heat of the Persian gulf. 

Malachite Kingfisher amongst the papyrus stands on Lake Naivasha

On August 16th, Emma turned 14 years old. We celebrated with the Kamp Tumaini short term mission at Peppers Restaurant in Parklands, Nairobi. 

Reese joining Tristan, Emma and Ava for their first day back to school

Ava and her friend Indira beginning grade 3

Looking forward to a great fall!