Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This past week, Erica and I accepted the request to serve as Canadian Baptist Ministries' Africa team leaders. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to walk in a more intentional way with our colleagues and CBM partners in Angola, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Kenya.

This month, we are in a time of great transition as we work with our Guardians of Hope and Muslim Ministry teams to establish new patterns of cooperation and collaboration, while getting ourselves up to speed with CBM's wider work in Africa. We are very thankful for our friends Colin and Karen Godwin who are passing along their guidance and experience as they prepare for their own transition back to Canada, where Colin will serve as the new president of Carey Theological College in Vancouver.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support through this time of change!

CBM Press Release

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Pirates of Penzance

Rosslyn Academy High School Presents, 
The Pirates of Penzance

This afternoon was the final of three performances of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic, The Pirates of Penzance by the Rosslyn Academy High School. We have never laughed so much during a Rosslyn production as we did during this fantastic show. Tristan, and his friend Chris, were the only two Middle School students selected to join the High School cast as members of the pirates chorus. Tristan's friend Robby was the only Middle School student invited to join the orchestra. While the students are having fun at their cast party, we wanted to share with you some photos from the musical.

Jim Mixon, as the Major General Stanley, 
and Carter Harrell as Richard, the Pirate King.

Emma and Tristan after today's show

Erica and Diane Bannister with the Pirate TK

Tristan with director Lesa Brown

Mabel (Becca Hravatic) addresses 
the Sergeant of the police (Brian Mwaura)

One of the treats of the show was the bumbling policemen
played by a chorus of fathers and teachers.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Flood Waters overwhelm the Full Gospel Church of Garissa 

Heavy rains in Kenya have led to severe flooding in Garissa district. Over the past week, Canadian Baptist Ministries has been responding to the crisis through supporting the efforts of local churches in Garissa that are reaching out to their Muslim neighbours in communities like Bukuyu who have been displaced by the combination of a drastic rise in the water level of the Tana River and a steady wave of water washing across the land toward the Tana. In many ways these communities are caught between a rock and a hard place. It has been inspiring to witness the local church setting aside its own needs to stand with their neighbours in love and solidarity.

 Two Waliwana women watch as their farm is washed away 
by dramatic flood waters in Garissa

"Over 1,000 people have been displaced in Garissa after Tana River burst its banks yesterday. According to reports from the Kenya Red Cross, 1,920 people have been displaced after the river overflowed following the heavy rains.
Thousands of acres of crops worth millions of shillings have also been damaged in the floods. Garissa county commissioner Maalim Mohammed has asked area residents in flood prone areas to move to higher grounds as the water levels continue to rise.
Kenya Red Cross officials are assessing the situation and are also urging residents living along the Tana river to move to higher grounds."
The Star, Nairobi April 17, 2013

Please keep our church partners and Muslim friends in your prayers as they respond to this crisis.

Monday, April 22, 2013

At a Glance: April 2013

Erica, Terry, Colin and Aaron in Kigali, Rwanda

This past week, Erica and I travelled to Rwanda with our team leader, Colin Godwin, and CBM Director of International Partnerships, Terry Smith. We had an encouraging time with the AEBR (our partner church), and with our colleagues the Bustin family. This has been a very full month in all areas of CBM's Ministry in Africa!

Photo: Pre-wedding giggles between William and Mary, this past Tuesday in Nairobi, Kenya.

William and Mary in Nairobi, Kenya

Amid the challenges and difficulties faced in the CBM Muslim ministry in Kenya, this month we are celebrating some significant change as three of the twenty-four churches of the Garissa Church Fellowship have stepped forward to lead relief efforts in their community. Heavy flooding has caused the Tana River to break its banks, driving thousands of people from villages like Bukuyu. Canadian Baptist Ministries has provided resources for mosquito netting and supplies to help one hundred vulnerable families affected by the flooding. Seeing local churches demonstrating the love of Christ in word and deed is what this ministry is all about!

After our largest Farming God's Way conservation agriculture training, over 40 Garissa leaders are putting their new skills to the test as they work on improving food security in their community. Our project officer for the food security project, William Wako, not only celebrate the success of this ministry, but personally has had a lot to be thankful for as he and his fiancé, Mary, travelled to their home community of Moyale for the upcoming wedding. Please remember Will and Mary in your prayers as they gather with their families to begin their journey as husband and wife.

Erica with Bronwyn and Laura Lee Bustin

In Rwanda, our friends the Bustin family, are preparing for their daughter Bronwyn's completion of high school and beginning of University. Bronwyn will be returning to Canada in June in preparation for her first year of studies.

Terry and Bronwyn


Tristan and his fellow pirate, Chris, taking a break from a dress rehearsal of the Pirates of Penzance, to roam the Spring Fling flea market at Rosslyn Academy. The High School musical will be presented this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the school.

Erica with ACC&S Moderator, Dr. Julius Karanja

We have also had a great opportunity to meet with our team mates and church partners with Terry Smith during his recent visit. We are grateful for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we serve with in Kenya and Rwanda. CBM has benefitted from a strategic network of partner churches throughout our region that have become more and more intentional with coming along side one another for the sake of the poor and vulnerable.

We are deeply thankful for the wisdom and perspective of leaders like Dr. Karanja who are reaching out to support sister denominations in times of challenge and growth.

Meeting today in Nairobi

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way Training 

Earlier this month, our colleague William Wako facilitated the next phase of conservation agriculture training with representatives from each of our partner churches in Garissa. Over the four days of training, the local leaders developed practical skills to enhance food security in their semi arid region.

We are very thankful for our colleagues William and Ruth Munyao who specialize in conservation agriculture and are committed to helping our partners to improve sustainable food security throughout the many areas where CBM is worker in Africa.

Please continue to pray for this important ministry and for the outreach of the local churches striving to bring about transformation in their communities.

Participants in the April FGW training, Kenya

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guardians of Hope

Photo: Fantastic week with the ACC&S GOH leadership in meetings at Kenyan coast

Canadian Baptist Ministries and 
African Christian Church & Schools 
Guardians of Hope Leadership Conference

April 2013

Wayne Morgan leading a morning devotion

This year's ACC&S GOH Leadership Conference was held at the Jumuia Conference Centre in Kanamai, Mombasa. Representatives from each of the 9 ACC&S GOH project travelled from their regions to gather for this important time of learning and discussion. We want to share a special thanks to our friend and colleague Maureen Morgan who is serving as CBM's integral mission facilitator with the ACC&S: Maureen and Patrick Maina, the ACC&S GOH project officer, have worked together over the past three months to plan and organize this year's conference.

Maureen helping to lead worship
during one of the sessions


Emma and Ava working on some 
homework during the conference

Photo: Patrick Maina leading a session this morning at the ACC&S Guardians of Hope project

Patrick introducing the new ACC&S GOH Policy Manual

One of the major initiatives of the ACC&S GOH leadership over the past three years has been the creation of a policy manual that honours the experience and best practices of the the GOH leaders since the project began. Having walked through a participatory process with all levels of the ACC&S denomination, the  policy document that was conceived at Kanamai in 2010 has final been realized! 

This is an important time as new leadership steps forward into the GOH, and as the we look together at ways to better integrate HIV and AIDS ministries into the entire church.


Erica training the leaders on preparing effective impact story


Henry Mwangi enjoying a break with a group of ACC&S leaders


Erica and Tristan with one of the new leaders from the GOH

Along with introducing the new policy document and strengthening the reporting of the groups,  Maureen led the entire group through a visioning exercise as they set goals together for strengthening the ministry of the GOH. 

Today, we had the gift of meeting the first Kenyan pastor who publicly announced that he was HIV positive. Rev. Gibson now serves as a trainer with an international AIDS organization working throughout Africa. He provided training on prevention and stigmitization.


Wayne Morgan with GOH leader, Mary.