Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halifax-Eastern Passage - Truro

Visiting Theodore Tugboat on the Halifax Waterfront

We finished the Nova Scotian leg of our home assignment today after a great few days in Halifax, Eastern Passage and Truro. We want to thank everyone who has made this such a special time for our family and for your interest and support of the ministry of Canadian Baptists in Africa.

We didn't stay in Halifax for the arrival of the Queen, but we did enjoy seeing some of the naval fleet as it assembled in the Halifax Harbour for the fleet inspection by her majesty for the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

Aaron sharing at West End Baptist Church, Halifax

We want to thank everyone who came out for the evening gathering at Eastern Passage Baptist Church. It means so much to know how your church has been cheering us on and the way that your Sunday School has taken such an interest in our children. Thank you so much!!!

Erica visiting with members of First Baptist Church Truro, after a wonderful chowder lunch and time of sharing together.
Our kids had a great time today with
Ashley and Michelle
Thank you both so much for
making this afternoon such a fun time!

On the Road Again!

Emma at the wheel of the Blue Nose II
in Lunnenburg, Nova Scotia
These sailors look like trouble

Games back at Camp

Saying Good-bye to our friends before they
left for the long drive back to Washington, DC.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Raymond, Ava and Chris playing
Peek-a-boo in a flower garden

Tristan with Rev. Sherrolyn Riley's goldendoodle puppy, Pepper, at the Mahone Bay Baptist Church
Erica with our friend Reta Russell
at the Mahone Bay Baptist Church

We were delighted to get back to the church and see pastor Riley and members of the churches prayer group and Ladies Aid who happened to be meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Aaron had a great time taking the kids up to the churches balcony to ring the church bell for old times sake. When Tristan was a preschooler, he use to help daddy ring the bell before church.

Scenes from Mahone Bay

We also want to share our appreciation to Donnie & Bev Ernst for opening your home to us and for all the games you played with our children. We had a great time being back in the Bay and seeing you!!

Anderson's Island

The Wollers, Kennys and Anderson
families at Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia

One of our highlights of the week with the Wollers was a trip to Aylesford Lake to visit a beautiful group of islands owned by our friends the Andersons. We had a great time motoring over to their main island for a barbecue and swim.

Krista and Erica at camp

Ella, Chris and Scott enjoying a
beautiful sunset over the lake
Ava saying good-bye!
Thank you guys for a great day!!

Peggy's Cove

Fun with our friends the Woller family

On Tuesday of this past week, we journeyed along the south shore to visit the picturesque fishing harbour and lighthouse at Peggy's Cove with our visiting friends. We had fun scrambling over the rocks, getting a little wet, and warming up with the local fish chowder.
Our kids on the move
The Wollers
(Cathy, Chris, Spencer, Raymond, Stuart, and Tim)
The Kennys (Spot the poser!)
Enjoying the beauty of Nova Scotia

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bayside Camp

Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia

This past week, we met our good friends, the Woller family from Washington, D.C., and enjoyed a week together in Nova Scotia. We were blessed to be hosted by directors Ben & Charity Trites and the staff at Bayside Camp near Ketch Harbour.
"Wow Hill" over looking the new Bayside Camp

In the late 1990's, we had visited the original Bayside Camp while we were serving at West End Baptist in Halifax. Over the past 11 years, Bayside has relocated to a beautiful 100 acre woods on a breath taking lake in Sambro, about 30 minutes outside of Halifax. It is amazing to see how much this association of churches has done since breaking ground in 2008. The new Bayside Camp is incredible!
The "Spruce Grove Village" of beautiful new cabins

One of the big features of Bayside Camp is the pristine lake whose deep still waters are peaceful and relaxing to enjoy in quiet moments AND,with the Camps new water park, a riot of fun and adventure with kids!

Having fun in the refreshing waters of Bayside
Even with the chilly June water temperatures of 59-62 degrees, we were in the Lake almost every day this week rain, sunshine or fog!

Tristan getting dowsed by Tim Woller in the epic
water battle of Dads versus kids

Seth Nylen and Ava get in on
the water fighting action!

Stuart and Emma after a big day on the Lake

Raymond Woller enjoying some quiet time by the Lake
Cathy Woller, Emma and Spencer canoeing past the islands
The quiet end to a great day

Lower Sackville

Aaron with CBM alumni and member of
Faith Baptist's pastor staff, Dr. Joao Matwawana

This past Thursday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful time at Faith Baptist Church in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. We appreciate all the work that the church did to reschedule our time and give us this opportunity to share about the work of Canadian Baptist Ministries through The Sharing Way's development initiatives with Guardians of Hope and Somali urban development.
Erica sharing about the ministry of
Noor Creations with members Faith Baptist

We want to share our appreciation to Janice Devonport and the women's missionary group who organized this evening. We had a wonderful time!

Aaron with Rev. Alan Orser and members of the Mount Uniacke Baptist Church who took part in the gather at Lower Sackville. Thank you all so much for how you have supported and encouraged us. We are looking forward to visiting everyone in Mount Uniacke congregation on our next home assignment.

Bridgewater Baptist

Pastor Eric with us after the evening service

On Sunday evening, we had a great time with the congregation at Bridgewater Baptist Church and members of other local churches from this part of Nova Scotia's south shore. Thank you all for coming out on such a hot evening to support the work of Canadian Baptist Ministries in Africa.

We were delighted to reconnect with the Chute family who have returned to Bridgewater from Kenya where they have been a part of the Rosslyn Academy community where Tim served as the High School and Middle School principal over the past two years.

The Roper Family

On Sunday evening we joined our friends Chris, Janice, Katherine and Grace Roper for supper at their home in Mahone Bay before sharing at the evening service at Bridgewater Baptist. The Ropers returned to Nova Scotia last year after serving in Bangalore, India. We wish we had had more time to swap stories of our adventures in living cross culturally. Thank you guys so much for your patience and love!

The princess table with Miss Katherine and Miss Ava
Even princesses like finger food!