Monday, May 18, 2015

Transforming Mission: Leadership Development

CBM Certificate of Integral Mission
Kenya Cohort - Module One

Grassroots leadership development is an integral part of the work of Canadian Baptist Ministries. Leadership development takes many forms from informal mentorship to high level training programs, such as the doctoral and masters program that CBM and Carey Theological College are completing with our African partner churches. Many of our Canadian colleagues dedicate energy and time to such informal and more structured initiatives. Whether taking an African colleague out for tea, or teaching in one of our partner Bible Colleges, CBM's field staff are continually investing in present and emerging leadership.

But it would be wrong to assume that these are one-way interactions. At every level, leadership development is about mutual learning and encouragement. Mentorship, for instance, strengthens both the Canadian and the African leader as they share perspectives on culture, faith and ministry. Leadership development is about both giving and receiving from one another. The same experience of co-learning shapes what takes place in the class room, or in training events, as we recognize and honour the knowledge, expertise and wisdom brought from all participants.

In CBM's latest leadership training initiative, the certificate of integral mission program, we are learning together with our African team and partners -- what does integral mission mean and what does it looks like on the ground. In no way are the Canadians "the experts", but through peer-to-peer learning we are strengthening one another in our understanding and practice of fruitful ministry.

Erica, Geoffrey and Samuel at the
Africa Brotherhood Guesthouse, Machakos

This past week, Erica and I had the joy of facilitating the first CIM module in Kenya with our CBM team and partner representatives from Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (South Sudan), the African Christian Church and Schools (Kenya), and the Africa Brotherhood Church (East Africa).

We are very appreciative for the work of our lecturers and facilitators for the Kenyan cohort: Aaron & Erica Kenny, Wayne Morgan, Margaret Kisilu, Sharlene Craig and Ruth Munyao. It was a week of great content, reflection, and strengthening.

Wayne facilitating a discussion group

Peter, Wilson and Elizabeth

Martha, Erica, Pauline, Sharlene and Maureen

Although the days were full, we appreciated great times of 
fellowship and laughter. Building bonds of friendship
and camaraderie are essential for leaders to find support 
and encouragement as they move forward together.

As we had written in our blog post about the May 4-8 module in Kigali, the CIM program is designed as a praxis learning approach where participants return once every six months in a cyclical process of action and reflection. The training is practical, learner-centred, and affirming as we seek to strengthen one another for more effective ministry.

The marriage of active leadership and intentional reflection is a powerful approach as leaders become more attentive and critical in their understanding and practice of ministry. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and vulnerability that the first two CIM cohorts are demonstrating. Please join us in praying for this program and for the ministry of leadership development in Africa.

You can learn more about the the CIM program and Integral Mission on a recent post by our friend and colleague Jonathan Mills at their blog or by using this link:

"Where there is no guidance the people fall, 
but in abundance of counsellors there is victory."
Proverbs 11:14

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Concert of Stories

On Friday evening the Rosslyn Academy Music Department presented "A Concert of Stories" for the High School and Middle School Choirs under the direction of Mr. Mark Statler. It was a great evening of music.

Along with singing, Emma was a voice actor in the "Jungle Book Radio Drama".

The drama and music were all original arrangements 
adapted by Mark Statler from Rudyard Kipling's classic children's story.

In the second half of the evening, the Rosslyn Singers performed
stories created by the students that accompanied the songs: 
Peter Gunn; Cover Me with the Night; Run to You; Shiru L'Adonai;
Rather Be/Am I Wrong? and Witness

Tristan sang with the Rosslyn Singers
The choir was amazing!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

CIM Module One: Kigali

Certificate of Integral Mission

This past week was the launch of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) Certificate of Integral Mission program in Africa. Our first cohort met in Kigali, Rwanda, with 27 leaders from the Central African Baptist Churches (CBCA), Association of Rwandan Baptist Churches (AEBR) and our CBM colleagues based in Rwanda.

Over the past two years, CIM has been a major part of our work with our African partner churches as we have identified core areas of competency for effective leadership in integral mission. Each of our five partner churches has selected emerging leaders, current project officers and department directors to complete the two-year program.

The first of the four CIM modules is helping the participants in their understanding and articulation of integral mission. Through Biblical and Theological reflection the students and lecturers are working through their practice of ministry. Our common desire is to become more effective in strengthening the local church for fruitful outreach

It was a privilege for Erica and I to prepare our sessions with several colleagues who also presented. We are very thankful to Jonathan Mills, Darrell Bustin, Andre Sibomana, Polisi Kivava, and Sharlene Craig.

Ernestine and Helene

CIM is using a praxis approach to education as the group moves through a cycle of action and reflection together every six months over the next two years. It has been wonderful to see bonds of friendship being formed among the Congolese and Rwandan leaders.

Wendy and Ken Derksen with CBM's new program officer 
for Rwanda and Latin America, Jennifer Fernandes.

Laura Lee Bustin and her small group members Laetitia and Michel

Great Conversations

Please join us in upholding the leaders as they learn an serve together.