Thursday, May 30, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

 Ava and her friend Phoebe ready for Summer Vacation!

Another school year is over for our children at Rosslyn Academy. We went out for frozen yogurt in celebration today -- the official last day of school. Ava finished kindergarten, and asked if she could go back tomorrow for the start of grade one. She will have to wait a couple of months!

Tristan and his pals all dressed up for the Middle School Promotion. 

Tristan begins his freshman year of high school this August. 
It was a wild year for TK who was a cast member in 
two major dramas, and was still able to stay on the A honour roll
We are so proud of our son! 

Emma completed the sixth grade on the A honour roll. She also
had a full year of drama and student council. We are very proud
that Emma was selected to serve again next year on student council.


This past weekend, Tristan and 10 of his friends had a
sleep over party in celebration of his 14th birthday.
We are so thankful for such a great group of young men!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

CBM Team Kenya

Canadian Baptist Ministries Kenya Team 2013

Yesterday's CBM Kenya team gathering was a special time of celebration and farewell as we welcomed William and Mary Wako back from their honeymoon, and shared in a time of appreciation for Colin and Karen Godwin who will be returning to Canada this June.

Here are a few pictures from our gathering in Nairobi:

Erica visiting with our colleague Lenny Mbogo
on maternity leave with family here in Kenya

 Randy and Erica with short term volunteer 
Shannon Baines who will be serving 
with both the ABC and ACC&S churches 
over the next few weeks.

Laura and Patrick sharing an update on the progress 
of the Self Help Group initiatives in Eastleigh

 The newly weds! William and Mary

Chatting in the Garden. In the back is our friend Chris Roper who is visiting with us for a few days before returning to Nova Scotia after volunteering in Uganda this past month.

 Yattani and Salome

Our colleague Andai Jackson Aholes sharing a brief history
 of CBM's work in Kenya and his appreciation of the Godwins

Early morning CBM Muslim Ministry team meeting

Thank you for keeping our team and ministry in your prayers!

Great Transitions

Visiting a new church plant of the CBCA with
General Secretary, Dr. Molo, and our colleagues
Colin and Karen Godwin

During this month of transitioning into our new roles as Canadian Baptist Ministries Africa team leaders, we have had the great joy of becoming better connected with CBM's partner churches. This past week, we travelled with the Godwins to meet with the CBCA in Congo and the AEBR in Rwanda. Both churches are going through exciting transitions of their own!

Visiting with Dr. Kakule Molo of the 
Communaute Baptiste au Centre de l'Afrique (CBCA)

The Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced great instability and conflict in the Eastern Kivu region where our partner church the CBCA ministers. Over the past year, CBM has helped in both the areas of emergency relief and food security to stand with our Christian brethren who were on the front lines of response in helping refugees and internally displaced people. And yet during such a time of instability, the church is growing and planting new congregations. One of the most powerful ministries of the church has been their response to vulnerable women and victims of physical and sexual assault. It is inspiring to walk with a church that is courageously bringing hope and healing into such a dark and turbulent situation.

The General Assembly of the Associaton of Rwanda Baptist Churches (AEBR)

Another highlight of our week was participating in a time of great transition with our Rwandan partner church. On Wednesday, the AEBR elected our friend and colleague Rev. Gato to serve as the new General Secretary and legal representative of the church. We are thrilled to be able to walk with Gato and the AEBR leadership as they move forward with an ambitious mandate for reform within the church. Please join us in upholding our Christian brothers and sisters in prayer.

Laura Lee Bustin, Erica, and Karen Godwin 
visiting with Rev. Gato Munyamasoko
in Kigali, Rwanda