Friday, June 9, 2017

Praying and Working for Peace in South Sudan

Standing together for peace and unity in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Beyond the current emergency food relief that Canadian Baptist Ministries and our local partner are engaged in together among displaced communities in South Sudan, we are also working in strengthening peace and reconciliation through churches embedded in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. 

Earlier this year, the Faith Evangelical Baptist Church trained seventy "peace promoters" to help bridge the divided ethnic communities within the refugee camp. Through their new skills in peace and reconciliation, the peace team is addressing issues of conflict between and among the various communities living in Kakuma.

Qualified peace worker trainers equipped the seventy volunteers in understanding the sources of conflict, conflict prevention, conflict management, peacebuilding, and mechanisms of reconciliation, forgiveness, and resolution.

Rev. Saphano Riak Chol with the peace promoters

Since December 2013, clashes between rival factions of South Sudanese political leadership has led to civil war. Over the past three years, ethnic division, mistrust, and violence continue to pull South Sudan apart. We are so thankful for churches that are standing together with all their neighbours demonstrating the inclusive love of Christ.

Rev. Saphano, the secretary general of FEBAC, is very proud of the courageous group that are using this training in Kakuma.
"It is encouraging that the refugees theselves, who are the most affected by the conflict, have volunteered to be directly involved in finding a lasting solution to the perennial conflicts within the refugee camp... Before the Kakuma Peace Building project was implemented the refugees in the camp were faced with inter-ethnic conflicts... we pray that this work will reduce tension and bring peace and calm to the camp."
Please join us in praying for the ministry of the FEBAC churches in South Sudan and in the refugee camps within Kenya and Uganda. We continue to remember Rev. Saphano and pastors travelling into unsafe areas to reach remote congregations and displaced settlements. We think also of their families and the millions of people impacted by this war.

If you would like to learn more about the work of CBM in South Sudan and are interested in contributing to the urgent relief effort please click here.

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