Thursday, August 10, 2017

Praying for Kenya

"Keep Peace Fellow Kenyans."
Graffiti from the last Kenyan Election in 2012.

It was another cold grey August day here in Nairobi, everyone whom we've spoken with throughout the day shared a common feeling of unease, but remain hopeful. 

Although the local radio and media report five deaths from yesterday's public unrest in Nairobi slum areas and in the Western town of Kisumu, it is important to recognize that they were far from the norm. The Wednesday protests remain isolated. The majority of Kenyans seem to be wary of any repeat of the post-election violence of 2007/2008. 

"We just need to put this election behind us," shared our friend Francis. "What's done is done. People just want to get back to life and work."

Similiar sentiments have been shared with us from friends in Western Kenya. Although disappointed in the election results, they too are not interested in dwelling on accusations of vote rigging and hacking that have been raised by Riala Odinga. "No government will last forever," shared our friend living near Kisumu. "We must move forward."

Kenyans lining up to cast their ballots during Tuesday's national election

We join our Kenyan friends in their optimistic hope that Kenya will pull together after such a divisive election. With the country divided almost in half, it is a crucial time for  Kenyans to draw on their common future as one nation. 

Please join us in praying for Kenya and its leaders. We pray that the official results being released by the electoral commission, and the confirmation of third party observers, will be accepted and that peace will be kept.

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