Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Praying from South Sudan

Time is running out.

The latest data from South Sudan confirms our fears that two-thirds of the country (more than seven million people) require immediate food relief or they will starve in the next four months. After four years of civil war, it is clear how conflict and hunger are destroying the country.

We are thankful for CBM's local partner, the Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC), that is able to reach areas that large NGOs are not gaining access to because of insecurity. As CBM resources these relief efforts we need ongoing prayer and financial support.

Next week, we will be traveling back to the South Sudanese border to meet with refugees that have been received by the FEBAC churches within the Kakuma Refugee camp. 

Stefanie Glinski, a contributor to IRIN News, shares the story of Mary Mabior, a 37-year-old mother that has fled the violence in that has come to her village. Mary's story illustrates the plight of millions of people struggling to survive in the midst of this grim conflict.

Mary Mabior a mother of six from Wau, South Sudan
Photo IRIN
"After my village was looted, I decided to take my two youngest children away. We now live between Wau and Aweil, but there isn't a nearby market and we receive no help here. My other children stayed in Wau with my blind mother. They receive food there, but it isn't safe. When I get money, I want to bring my whole family here. I go to the forest every day to collect wild fruit. My children are always hungry and I barely have any of the sorghum left that we brought. I don't feel safe going back to Wau or to my village. There's nothing left. I'd rather starve than go back."
Please help be an advocate for South Sudan. Click here to download information for your church.