Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traditional Dancing Grounds

Kiambethu Farm, Tigoni, Kenya

This Saturday, we travelled up into tea country to visit one of our favourite parts of Kenya, where Fiona and Marcus Mitchell run one of the first commercial tea estates in East Africa. Over four generations of their family have been apart of one of Kenya's largest industries. According to Fiona, "Kiambethu" is a Kikuyu word for "traditional dancing grounds". For ages, this land has been a place of celebration and bounty. We had the joy of visiting today with our friends Kevin and Atalie, and Erica's mum, who is staying with us.
Aaron, Emma and Mary walking along
the beautiful lush tea fields of the farm

Erica and Atalie in the Mitchell's home,
ready for Fiona's talk on the
history and production of tea

Atalie and Kevin Dougherty in the beautiful gardens
of Fiona and Marcus' home

The girls in the garden

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