Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Snap Shot of Kamp Tumaini 2015

Kamp Tumaini Kenya
(Gabriel with our camp mascot, the cuddly KT)

The past two weeks have been an incredibly rewarding time of ministry as Erica and I have been leading the Kamp Tumaini summer camp for orphans and vulnerable children of the Guardians of Hope. This inaugural camp was hosted with the African Christian Church and Schools at the Gituru Secondary School. The two camps provided encouragement and care for the 73 GOH kids who attended with the 28 leaders and counsellors.

We enjoyed some very rich time of worship, learning, sharing, play, and laughter. The emotional and spiritual transformation within the children from the start to finish of each camp was amazing. We are deeply thankful to God for how his Spirit has been at work in all of our lives through this experience.

The camps ended with many tearful goodbyes, as the campers and counsellors had bonded during their short time together. Many campers asked if they could stay longer, and practically everyone asked if they could come again for next summer's camps.

The Canadian and Kenyan counsellors formed a great team. We are especially thankful for David and Kelly Moore, who led the short term mission team from Canadian Baptist Ministries. The Canadian volunteers were such a blessing to us all. 

From the very start, our desire as the Kamp Tumaini team was to make the camps safe, fun and transformative. Without a doubt our expectations as Canadian and Kenyan leaders were far surpassed.  

Here are some fun snapshots of the camps.

Kamp Tumaini comes to Gituru!

Tanya with some of her junior campers and KT

Jalycia goofing around with two of her junior campers

Erica and Pastor James

Taylor, Cheryl, and Kylah

David, Andai, James, Tristan, Samuel, Aaron, Amos, 
and Steven with the senior boys.

Davina, Taylor and Amos with some of the junior campers
on the way to campfire


The hilltop of Gituru echoed with choruses of songs and laughter. 
Fred the moose will be long remembered!

Jane, Kelly, Phyllis, Courtney, Catherine, Jalycia, Donna, Tanya, Annie, Davina, Erica, Taylor, Cheryl, Kylah, Julia, Naomi, and Lauren with the senior girls.

barefoot football

Kylah helping to serve at tea break

Steven stealing a bottle in a great wide game

Aaron and Amos enjoying being prisoners!

 Frisbee fun!

Aaron and Samuel Karanja

Naomi with some of her senior campers

David and Antony

Some of the senior boys hanging out at tea time

 Blanket Volleyball

 Chapel time

Aaron and Tristan

Jane and her buddy


Elijah and Erica

James leading quiet time with his pod

Erica with ACC&S General Secretary, Jeremiah Ngumo
addressing the senior camp

Jeremiah having some fun with the counselors

Lauren and Julia

Winnie and Annie 

Antony, Steven, Jalycia and Amos with their campers at breakfast

Phyllis and Jane

Tanya and Tristan during the worship time

 Evening praise celebration at Kamp Tumaini

We want to share a BIG thank you to the CBM family of churches and individuals who made Kamp Tumaini possible through your generous support. We and the ACC&S deeply appreciate the faithful support of our ministry partnership in Kenya.

To learn more about the ministry of CBM in Africa and around the world, please see our website at 

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  1. Great work, Kennys! Wonderful to see what God is doing with you awesome, humble souls.